1889 is the year of birth of the vinegarhouses M. de Nigris, through the work of Armando.

From passion to craft international leadership.

You have to go back two centuries, to 1889 to identify the year of birth of the vinegarhouses M. de Nigris, through the work of Armando, the founder. Start at the end of the story'' 800 company that has its origins in what was once a rich and fertile province of Naples and that until a few decades ago was the capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

And it is thanks to the historical context of hegemony in the south of Italy, which flourished in Naples activities, free trade, and industrial districts. And now, districts such as polo silk of San Leucio, or ceramic pole of Capodimonte, or Pietrarsa with railway workshops, testimonies gods are an entrepreneurial culture that somehow has managed to preserve and transmit times.

After the unification of Italy, thanks to an atmosphere of great enthusiasm and openness to new markets, more links developed and the ferment of young Italy, Armando de Nigris, a strong heritage inherited from the family, boasting ancient recipes handed down from generations, gave rise to the production of wine vinegars of excellent quality. It is since then that the family de Nigris is passionately dedicated to the production of vinegar. The motto attributed to Marcello de Nigris' boundaries do not exist "and his foresight, have meant that the vinegar from the marginal product soon became a condiment" Italian" is recognized throughout the world.

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