Più Mosto, Più Gusto (ITA)

From May 6 to two weeks (6-12, 20-26), De Nigris leader in the field of 'Aceto Balsamico di Modena' PGI propose a TV campaign on Mediaset in dual band daily, hourly time signal and prime time.

The 'Company is leading a consolidated commercial success, both nationally and internationally, boasting the record in the export of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP and a strong presence in the United States where President Obama himself, in an interview days ago,

celebrated the excellence of the product Modenese.

On the eve of Cibus, the prestigious agribusiness fair, held in Parma May 7 to 10, the chairman of the group Armando De Nigris says: 'to confirm the positive trend in a recession like the one we are experiencing, and then in sharp contrast, the company De Nigris has chosen to invest in building a communication 'mini-spots' that launches a clear message to the consumer'.

The spot lasting 10'' is directed and focused, 'cold dishes, hot dishes and gourmet dishes' ​​reads the message, while the image of well-defined three dishes, delicious recipes already to view, enhance the intensity. To emphasize the possibility of combinations is well marked, the percentage of grape juice that makes the different types of the product range.

Signed by a testimonial of excellence, chef of the most 'noble' of the landscape fine-dining Italian, Gianfranco Vissani, the 'claim' final with the 'more more must taste' ensures the quality and premiumness of 'Aceto Balsamico di Modena 'De Nigris. And ... we're ready to bet that 'more must taste more' becomes the most-repeated commercials jingles of the season!

16 October 2012

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